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Tribute to Yukio Mishima by Zoe-Lacchei Tribute to Yukio Mishima by Zoe-Lacchei
☆ Tribute to Yukio Mishima ☆
The Symbology

Doing this tribute to Mishima has been pleasurable and painful at the same time.
To completely immerse in the spirit of a man such as Mishima can only bring immense pleasure, but yet again it is impossible to suffer thinking about his death.

In my job, documentation is everything. If one wishes to represent such a complex character one must first get to know all the different shades.

I began working on this tribute 5 months ago. Approaching experience has been like trying to depict someone you once loved but have lost forever; you want to remember him in every single detail but just the though of it is a blade through your heart.

..."A blade through the heart"... When I managed to find these words to describe this strong feeling of torment I remembered Longinus' spear in Christ's chest.

For this reason I decided to interpret Mishima blending the religious aesthetics of Christianity with the Japanese symbology.


☆ Tributo a Mishima Parte II ☆
La simbologia

Fare questo tributo a Mishima è stato un piacere e un dolore al tempo stesso.
Non si può non provare piacere nell'immergersi completamente nello spirito di un uomo come Mishima ma non si può evitare di soffrire pensando alla sua morte.

Nel mio lavoro la documentazione è tutto.Se si vuole rappresentare un personaggio tanto complesso occorre prima conoscerne ogni sfumatura.

Ho cominciato questo tributo 5 mesi fa. Approcciarsi ad un esperienza simile è come ritrarre qualcuno che hai amato e perso per sempre: vuoi ricordarlo
in ogni singolo dettaglio ma il solo farlo è una lama nel cuore.

...."Una lama nel cuore"....quando riuscii a trovare le parole per descrivere quella forte sensazione di struggimento mi venne in mente la lancia
di Longino nel costato di Cristo.....e decisi di interpretare Mishima fondendo l'estetica religiosa Cristiana con la simbologia Giapponese.
Livor-Mortiis Featured By Owner May 6, 2014
Mishima is one of my favorite writers and I also find his life and death very interesting. Indeed it's a hard work to represent his mixed feelings about life, beauty, homosexuality and ritual death. Watching this I think you have made great justice to him and his way of thinking. Congratulations.

By the way, do you use another kind of website to show your artwork? I barely use this one for the past years and I would like to continue following your work.
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February 16, 2014
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